Al Quds International Institution: Israel’s Assault on Al Aqsa a Prelude to its Division; The Nation Has to Defend the Mosque

تاريخ الإضافة الأربعاء 8 تشرين الأول 2014 - 9:01 م    عدد الزيارات 2929    التعليقات 0    القسم أخبار المؤسسة، التفاعل مع المدينة، أبرز الأخبار


Beirut, 8 October 2014

Al Quds International Institution in Beirut called upon Jerusalemites and Palestinians of territories occupied in 1948 to increase their presence at Al Aqsa to face and foil calls for breaking into the Mosque by settlers observing the so-called “Sukkot” holiday starting today and lasting for a week.

The Institution’s Director General Mr. Yassin Hammoud said that “forcing Muslims out of Al Aqsa and assaulting worshipers in Al Kibli Mosque are Israeli measures meant to pave the way for settlers’ incursions and to secure their breaking into Al Aqsa.”

Hammoud called for wide Arab and Islamic action to save Al Aqsa Mosque and protect it from settlers’ infringements. He stressed that the Nation’s real battle is against the Israeli Occupation which has been Judaizing Jerusalem relentlessly while the Nation is being distracted with marginal battles and conflicts.

Hammoud, who condemned the silence of Arab governments, called upon Arab and Muslim peoples to launch popular uprising and collective action in solidarity with Al Aqsa and to support worshiper’s resilience and steadfastness.

Hammoud appealed to Jordan and the Palestinian Authority to break the silence and assume genuine steps to protect Al Aqsa as their inaction is tantamount to legalizing the assault on the Mosque and participating in its division. 









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